Sunday, January 18, 2009

Last Act in Lorraine - Response

Walter Eardley

While doing my setup, I had no idea how I was going to keep Tom from controlling 6 buildings with only 3 447s and 7 436s and ELR 2. I was very excited to have three nifty 20L IFE 6 ROF 3 guns for support plus a 75L AT, 2 Panthers and 2 JgPz Vs (or something). I was very surprised the 20Ls did not do more for me. Both Panthers died without taking anyone with them. The Jgs were money killing several tanks and helping wrap up a bunch of infantry for FtR. The crews for two of the 20Ls were some of the best units on the board with 8 morale and self rally.

As Tom mentioned, the key roll of the game for me was getting my arty down for its one and only mission. Tom had just executed a beautiful assault on my 237/MMG, 237/HMG and 9-1 MG nest supported by both Panthers and another conscript. After smoking both Panthers and moving up into several good positions, he was in an excellent position to roll up my entire flank with several 666s lead by a 9-1 and supported by about 6 tanks. The arty falls and breaks a 666 in one hex, pins his 9-1, CRs and breaks a 666 and kills one of his 76L Shermans in another hex. Without the infantry to support his attack, he was left taking pot shots with his tanks while they dodged PFs flying out the windows. I had very good luck with my PFs all day. I hit on 5 of 7 tries.

This was a very fun scenario which really was in doubt until the very end. Well worth the 10 hour investment of time!


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