Monday, September 27, 2010

AAR: OA22 After the Disaster

Jay Harms

Germans: Jay Harms
Russians: Randy Garlington

I had a great time at the gameday this weekend over at Matt Zajac’s place up on the north side. Randy and I sat down to a game of “After the Disaster” from one of the Out of the Attic journals. We diced for sides and I got the Germans who were attacking a Russian trench line. The setting was Oct 44, with the Germans counterattacking a Russian position. The Germans enter on board 17 and have to clear the farmhouse on Board 4 as well as take out two 122L Art guns also on Board 4. Both sides get some fun toys.

Turn 1 started with me bringing my 2 King Tigers up the left flank along with the 2 Stug IIIG’s. Infantry tried to keep pace along with the tanks. Right off the bat I run into his 9-2 and friends. Randy had set up the 9-2 to cover the flank and a few def fire shots later I sensed a failure to rout chance if I could get around his 9-2. Moving my last Stug IIIG around the 9-2, I had to go CE to get behind him. Randy announces a FPF shot on the stug crew (4 even shot). Morale check, which I promptly boxcar! Drat, one recalled tank for nothing! This just started the epic battle on the left flank with this Russian 9-2! Over the coarse of the game I think I broke him 3 times, and Randy rallied him the next turn each time. This leader would not go down! Most of the rallies were under DM. Turn 2 and 3 saw the Germans push up the left flank and Randy shifting to cover my attack. By German Turn 3 I had one of my King Tigers in LOS of the farmhouse and had for the most part avoided his 122Ls. At this point the game could go either way as we both had big reinforcement groups coming.

In the Russian 3, Randy brought on his 4 JS2’s on my left flank (the low armor ones, but still much to be feared). One parked in LOS of my King Tiger and eventually succumbed after trading shots for a turn. The other three stayed out of LOS and in motion. In my turn 4, the worm turned for Randy and I brought on my reinforcements which was 3 Panthers and 5 halftracks. I blitzed through Randy’s left flank after he had spun one of the 122Ls to cover the King Tigers approach. This was the key to the game as I was able to get into his backfield and threaten the farmhouse with 3 panthers and five 468’s that were loaded on the HT's

By my Turn 5 I was able to encircle and cut off rout paths on the remaining Russians and close with the farmhouse and his 122Ls. The JS2’s didn’t go quietly as we traded a King Tiger for another JS2. Unfortunately by then it was all over but the mopping up by turn 6 and Randy conceded.

All in all a fun scenario, but I would say a bit tough on the Russians. A lot of thought has to go into the Russian setup and I was able to exploit an opening with my reinforcements that was able to pull it out for the Germans.

Finally, a big thanks to Matt for hosting the gameday on Saturday! The homemade chili, homebrew oatmeal stout, and the hospitality was all excellent! Good times!