Monday, June 30, 2014

AAR: 105 Going to Church

Vincent Maresca
Vincent Maresca: British
Frank Morehouse: Germans
Frank Morehouse and I played ASL 105 “Going to Church” (revised version in FKaC).
Well – Frank’s SS panzermen were hunkered down into the fortress church with MGs on multiple levels looking down on the Canadians forming up below. My master plan was to have a small holding for to the front and the bulking pulling a flanking attack. LESSON ONE – I was now divided but unable to conquer. Obviously the German MG firegroups took out my HMG and had a few good shots on my flank force. I had plenty of time, right - so gave out some very ineffective Prep Fire. I have plenty of time to move later. My holding force now had a broken 9-2 and squad leaving the HMG alone in their building while the remaining half-squads with the LMG and mortar dogged around in the building sand woods. Meanwhile, my flanking force was making its move through the city streets while the German sniper kept nipping at their heals (the Canadian sniper was getting his helmet polished by some French typist and never stuck his rifle out the window once). Frank’s sniper activated maybe 7 times and really slowed up my flank attack as I had to divert leaders to rally duty (as the sniper killed my 8-0 with a headshot).

While my Canadians were taking a beating just trying to get up to the edge of the Church building, a dim recollection of mine said “hey dummy, look at the back of the Brit mortar”. Well hay, hay, my, my – this little piece of crap can chunck smoke! so starting on turn 2 – the smoke started to rain down and the German MGs found a new target. the mortar lasted another turn and but was out for the remainder of the game. LESSON TWO – always check your forces and what their special ASL capabilities are in the game. The designer included them for a reason!

The Germans were now scrambling around to get out of the smoke hexes allowing the Canadians to try a break-in on Turn 4. This was it, my HOB generated Hero with the DC charged into the first church hex to meet his fate. Now Mr. hero had to eat 36 FP but had a +4 TEM. Frank grinned, as he rolls very well on small attacks, and threw out an “11”! I couldn’t believe it! in SFF this same stack rolled a “12” and broke the HMG (but it quickly returned on next RPh). DC placed and now to finish off the Huns and free France! I rolled a “9” resulting in NMC and all passed. LESSON THREE – DC are shit and if by some miracle you get it placed, it never does squat!

Well Turn 5 of 6, assault failed to do much, time was running out (had dinner plans), no KIA German units throughout the game and Germans holding the stairwalls to upper levels containing more(house) troops, meant the Canadians had failed to liberate the church. Another nice win by Frank who claims not to remember much ASL after not playing for 10 years – you could have fooled me! Good Job Frank.