Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LFT 178: Niederburg Farmhouse

Eric and I played Niederburg Farmhouse a few weeks ago, and the Americans (Eric) won in our match.

I did a deployment, multi-hex attack, but the ROF on the MGs and my bad MC rolling did me in. I advanced my 9-2 led MG kill stack into J10, but Eric's prep fire ruined my DFF surprise.

After thinking it over, I think the German MG nest needs to position itself in H9, and the blue wave needs to come from hexrows J thru P. Two things factor into that thinking

  • the 5-4-8s can man the MGs and still be in normal range to I6.2
  • the Americans in I6.2 must choose a covered arc for either H9 or the hill and its approaches in hexrows J-P

With my MG nest in J10, Eric could shoot both it and anybody else on that half of the board in each fire phase.

It seems like a tough puzzle for the Germans, but with only a few units, any cracks in the American defense can be exploited. It's a great 2 hour scenario, and hopefully my thoughts will help an Axis player out there somewhere.