Saturday, January 23, 2016

AAR: FT KGS8 The Battle in the Tunnel and Organ Gully

Ed Beekman

Ed Beekman: Russian
Zeke: German

Zeke and I were on the second stage playing a scenario from Kampfgruppe Scherer - The Battle in the Tunnel and Organ Gully.  It is a low intensity scenario; Zeke had the Germans (6 squads) and I the Russians (11 squads).  I had to take the bridge and tunnel locations.  I spent the turns moving into position, planning to breach the tunnel barricade with my DC and then surge through.  My sole elite squad aided by the Commissar moved concealed up to the barricade only to be stunned by Zeke's first DFire.  It was only a 1MC which the commissar passed  but the squad failed by more than its ELR - now I only had leaders who could place  the DC without the non-qualified penalty.  Although I took the bridge, I was never able to clear the tunnel although some conscripts got in through the back door only to be captured in CC.