Monday, September 19, 2005

Houston ASL

Well we had a fun time at brunch at the diner. It was good to see you Walter! Topics included how we can jump start our club here in Houston. A lot of us are motivated to keep this club going. As usual, the size of Houston complicates things. We're going to try to get back on track with making a regular weekend every month the game day. That way guys can plan on it from month to month. ("But honey, I cut the lawn, cleaned the bathroom, did all the errands, its time for my monthly meeting with the guys today. You know, its always the <<___>>Saturday of the month...") Something along those lines.

Walter mentioned he would try to arm twist Jay into hosting next month. We're going to try to keep meeting at the Diner one day or night a month. Its a way for members to keep in touch, talk and its significant other friendly too. Us KASL guys have a meeting planned for late in Oct. We'd be happy to have you other guys come and checkout/participate in one of the sessions. There is a lot of gaming going on in Houston. I've played Victor too weekends in a row in some fun PTO stuff. I played Roy the weekend before that. Scott and I are playing KGP 2, Walter and Jay have been playing monster scenarios out over a period of time. Ken, Nick and Stephane have been playing some CG. Doyle has been playing VASL. So people are playing, we just need to get co-ordinated better. Let other people know what ASL you're doing. If your looking for a FTF game, put out an email. You lurkers are welcome to attend too. We want more input/participation. We want to hear your opinion/thoughts on ASL.

This is a great hobby. Lets enjoy it!

all for now,



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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I am down in McAllen, but if you work out a regular game day, I could coincide that with a visit with the rellies when I am up in Houston.

I would think that posting this kind of thing to the mailing list would spark a more rapid dialog to work out the best day for people.

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