Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Scenario: Saving Ryan's Privates

Scenario Analysis: Saving Ryan's Privates

This scenario caught my interest as soon as I first saw it. It has interesting orders of battle and should provide a challenge for both players. Plus, it fits the bill perfectly for those times when you only have 15 minutes but really want to get a scenario in. It's also good for best two-of-three or three-of-five playings.

German Advantages: ROF, time
German Disadvantage: Setup limitations

The Germans have an excellent ROF of 3 on their HMG, which should be very intimidating for the Americans as they try to cross all that open ground. They are somewhat hamstrung by their setup, however, since the Americans won't be fooled as to where they are.

American Advantage: Numbers
American Disadvantage: Crossing open ground, going uphill

The Americans outnumber the Germans in squad equivalents by a 2:1 ratio, and they have a 9-2 leader to boot! I'd list him as an advantage, but as the scenario preface says, it's hard to explain the 9-2's decision to charge this strongpoint instead of having his sniper take it out at his leisure.

The Americans have a few choices in this scenario. They could move all of their units into one hex, but here I don't think stacking is a very good idea. Assault move each unit to a different hex and hope someone survives to fire, and then advance in for Close Combat. Roll low.

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