Sunday, October 29, 2006

Game Photos: Expelling the Guards

In Banzai 11.1, I wrote an analysis of Expelling the Guards. Having witnessed several playings of this excellent scenario at club game days I thought it would make a good subject for coverage. At one game day (May 2006 I think) I was able to take some photos of games in progress. Here you see Rick's Germans going with a strong German left hook attack, just the opposite of the direction I illustrated in my article. In the next photo, you can see the lead tank getting sent home by a sniper.

The infantry follows hard on the heels of the tanks, hoping to roll up the hill from on end to the other.

An exciting little sideshow developed in the Russian rear where Scott's valiant T-60 caused quite a headache for the Germans.

Finally there was a last stand by the remaining Russians at the end of the hill.

Sam and Eric duked it out in the other match. Eric's Germans also chose to go with a strong left hook.

But there was a bit more fighting on the front side of the hill this time.

Just when he needed it, Eric got a smoke barrage down on the hill.

This one also came down to a last charge across the hill, with the Russians just barely hanging on for the win.

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Nice photos!