Monday, February 12, 2007

OwlCon 2007 Wrapup

Walter Eardley

Howdy Folks,

First, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend Owlcon this year. I really do appreciate you coming. Like I have said in the past, if it wasn't for those of you attending, it would just be me and a bunch of Warhammer folks hanging out.

For the Saturday morning Starter Kit session, we had two players signed up. I had the privilege of walking a very nice guy named Edmund (I think he lurks on this list) through his first ASL game. He was a SL player from way back so after a little instruction and clarification we were able to work our way through Retaking Vierville. I have high hopes we will see Edmund at future game days! The other guy no showed. I must thank Ken for being on stand by to teach a second player. I really appreciate the help and support.

I also passed out flyers to several people interested in learning the game or knew people interested in learning the game. The Starter Kit session and visibility to the convention attendees in general is the most important part of the event and the main reason I hold this tournament. Getting to see everyone is great but finding new players for our hobby is of great importance.

We had a nice turnout this year for the main tournament with several new faces added to the mix. Zeb was once again the Top Dog in this event by capturing two of the three top awards. Zeb defeated Roy in the championship match to finish the weekend 5-0. He earned a nice trophy and a $40 gift certificate plus the praise and adoration from the rest of the attendees. He also killed 28 tanks over the weekend (topping Rob's 18) to take home the Tank Ace trophy and another $10 gift certificate. Congratulations to Zeb on his accomplishments!

Friday's action was Ferocity Fest where 6 of us squared off in Yae Dake. Two of the games were Japanese victories me defeating Doyle and Zeb defeating Rob. The third game was a Marine victory by Roy over Ken. I took home a copy of Battling Buckeyes while Roy took home another scenario pack (I can't remember the name). To cap off a great day, we toasted with what we originally thought was sake but turned out to be something else. The point was it had oriental writing on the side and was a very fitting end to a great day. Thanks to everyone who attended Ferocity Fest and thanks to Ken for opening his house to us despite a daughter and wife who had pneumonia!

Here are the final numbers. Let me know if you see anything fishy. I will post the results to ROAR.

  • Zeb Doyle 5-0 (28 AFVs killed)
  • Roy Casagranda 4-1 (3 AFVs killed)
  • Rob Burton 3-1 (18 AFVs killed)
  • Stephen Miller 2-1 (0 AFVs killed)
  • Stephen Graciet 2-1 (4 AFVs killed)
  • Johnny Johnson 2-1 (8 AFVs killed)
  • Walter Eardley 2-2 (12 AFVs killed)
  • Robert Delwood 1-0 (0 AFVs killed)
  • Doyle Motes 1-2 (0 AFVs killed)
  • Kevin Riley 0-2 (2 AFVs killed)
  • Victor Behar 0-1 (1 AFVs killed)
  • Tom Gillis 0-2 (7 AFVs killed)
  • Ken Havlinek 0-2 0 (AFVs killed)
  • Bill Dorre 0-3 (7 AFVs killed)
  • Rick Reinesch 0-3 (3 AFVs killed)

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