Monday, November 12, 2007

AAR: DB018 Special Delivery

Tom Gillis

Germans: Walter Eardley
Tom Gillis: Partisans

A few of the guys showed up and we played a little ASL today. Lotsa fun. Bill and Chris played a playtest scenario for MMP Normandy '44 stuff, and Walt and I played a Dispathes of the Bunker one called Special Delivery. Early war SS and local fascists, along with some kriegsmarine toting a FT attack 12 postal workers and Polish civilians armed with an allied minor mmg and atr. They're represented as 337 Partisans. Since Partisans are stealthy and my SAN was a 5, (ELR too,) I actually thought I'd have pretty good troops. His SS were 468s ELR 3, and the fascists were represented by conscript axis minors squads "led" by a 6+1. The marines were 548s. 12 SS, 6 Fsts, 4KM vs 12 337 who are fanatic in the 'Post Office' (bldg aK3) on deluxe bd a. The bad guys have to capture 14 out of 27 locations in bldg aK3 w/o losing less than or equal to 19 CVPs. Also the Germans get two early war ACs with an IFE of 9. I bagged one early on with the ATR so the other one kept quite cautious as the game went on. I also start with 12 ?s so the beginning can be a bit cat and mouse. Walt knowing my ?s were out there, but not wanting to lose CVPs by blundering thru them. And this being only a 5 turn game, the Germans have to move. Anyway Walt cleared most of the area around aK3, being very careful with his 336s because capture counts as double by SSR _during_the game, and the 19CVP takes effect imediately. I'd lost a couple of squads to the heavy SS firepower in the neighborhood in front of the Post Office, but I'd thought maybe I'd gained at least half a turn as the SS cleared it out...Also my SAN 5 was awesome. He wounded Walts SS 9-1 on T1 and wounded his KM 8-0 on T2! Later on he wacked the FT HS and hit him a couple of times, virtually keeping him out of the battle the whole game. Some highlights I remember: Walt having several 30+3/4 shots that did nothing, A HS of postal workers went berserk in the Post Office, ran out of the building, into the street dodging hails of SS gunfire only to meet his bloody, (but glorius,) end in the CC phase...! Also ambushing of couple of Walts 468s in a side building as they were trying to flank aK3. That put me back into the game as prior to that, say turns 2 thru 4, Walts firepower and good manuver had got a sea of black counters to the cover of the wall outside the PO to pretty much no losses. Finally Walt moved his 336s into the line of fire. (Cowardly bastards had hid in stone TEM the whole game trying to roost out some concealed partisans who turned out to be sacks of mail with brooms stuck near them for rifles...) They were thinking let the Germans do the fighting and we'll charge in for the glory...Not so fast you beerhalle swillin' puffed shirts, the Postmaster, an 8-1, has been waiting for you all game long. I took a chancy 6+2 shot at them and ended up breaking nearly the lot. That helped bigtime on turn five because Walt had less troops to secure the VCs. To sum it up, Walt got some good firepower into aK3, and took both my fortified (by SSR) locations. He had cleared out the ground floor which gave him 9 locations, plus he had all the stairwells so I was under encirclement. He had the VC locations or would be able to just get up to 14. But ambushing his flankers pushed his CVP cap dangerously closer and that suddenly was looming over him. I was just trying to keep concealment with my last few troops and hope for some last turn dash to take back locations, when some timely rallying and good shooting put a big cramp in Walt's plan for a last turn 5 assault. I pinned some KM in a stairwell and kept them from advancing to victory hexes. (They were being led by an SS 8-1 at this point and the marines must have not liked his tone or something...) Walt actually did a cool thing by self breaking them and routing them with a ldr to a vacant hex. If they rallied in my last rally phase they would be in good order and thereby able to control the hex. When the SS 8-1 a KM548, and some CX'd HS or something finally did advance into my 8-1/337/mmg hex I ambushed him again. None of his guys rallied in my last player turn. So with only about 40 postmen left, the citizens of Gdansk were able to hold out a little longer than in real life. As always it was a blast to play Walt. Some of this last turn stuff is getting fuzzy now, but basically thats how it went.

Thanks for rolling all those 5s!
It was great to see everyone, and it was cool to hang out with y'all.

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