Friday, January 25, 2008

AAR: RPT14 Comrade Kimenkov

Scott Bell

Germans: Scott Bell
Russians: Dan Preston

Dan Preston and myself played RPT14 (Rally Point) named "Comrade Klimenkov." It is an exciting late war scenario featuring (4) Russian IS-2's against (2) German King Tigers. While the disparity in armor seems significant (and it is), the Russians must battle against the clock in an attempt to gain control of a couple of buildings at the rear of the gameboard. The Russians have to expose themselves to substantial risk, with the Germans usually getting the first shot.

I played the Germans, and my strategy focused upon funneling the Russians into a corridor with both of my King Tigers. I was successful with this, initially, until Dan brilliantly executed a right-hook with his armor which put me into a deadly vice-grip. Things kind of fell apart on me when my MA on one of my King Tigers malfed. It is a gift that I have, for which I cannot explain. At this point, my defense, which was heavily predicated upon the strength and dominance of my King Tigers, began to unravel.

Fortunately, I had managed to break a very large percentage of his russian squads prior, and this cost Dan valuable time. At one climatic point in the action, I sacrified one of my King Tigers in order to break one of Dan's last remaining stacks of infantry. That was a move that might be debated, but it was made on my part with the victory conditions given primary consideration. Regardless, the King Tiger is too big, and there was nowhere to run when you have (4) IS-2's gunning for you (from the front and the rear). I felt like an elephant in an antbed, where I stomp a lot of ants, but eventually succumb to the ants. As a consolation, I did manage to destroy one (1) IS-2 during intensive fire, before losing my second King Tiger Tank. Dan easily destroyed my first King Tiger which was defenseless without it's main gun.

One final note in this game was the fact that Dan was tank rich but infantry poor at the scenario's end. This was another reminder of the fact that regardless of your technology and your hardware, you cannot win battles and wars without infantry. ASL accurately reflects this, again and again.

It was a very exciting game, and though we did not finish, it really did not matter. Dan and I both had a possible chance of winning at the end, and we both agreed the Germans probably had a slight edge due the fact that the Russians were running out of time, had a lot of broken squads, and a lot of open ground to cover to get to the victory buildings in the rear. It was a blast, and I am particularly enjoying the fact that Dan and I are becoming more familiar with each others style of play. Each time we square off, it seems to get a little more difficult. The challenge is immense, and the reward is great.

I absolutely love this game!

What a game! What a hobby!



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