Monday, February 04, 2008

Review: Break Contact Armored Aussie Pack

Zeb Doyle

So there's been a little excitement lately about Valor Of The Guards, but I was just able to track down and acquire a much rarer beast: the fabled Break Contact Armored Aussie Pack! OK, so this is actually a super-obscure ASL pack that I got on a whim, but I figured I'd offer a quick run-down of the contents in case anyone wants to try it at Owlcon and so Sam can enter the scenarios into the database (thanks, Sam!).

The scenario pack is $15 for 10 scenarios, which seems pretty reasonable, are done with their own unique 3rd-party counter art, and (as far as I can tell) are all produced by a single Aussie designer. Most of the scenarios are PTO and rather small, so they may be good tourney fodder. There's not much more to the pack than that; it's a decently priced bundle of scenarios that all look interesting but not great. Time and ROAR will tell if any of them become classics. There's also another, earlier, pack in the series, about which I know nothing. At any rate, on to the scenarios themselves:

BC7 Brigade Hill: Australians attacking Japanese. 24 total squads on a half board, this is a 6.5 turn Kokoda Trail action that looks like it plays fast.

BC8 From Desert To Jungle: Australians attacking Japanese. 21 total squads with a gun, again on a half board. It's also 6.5 turns and has an all-HIP defense for the Nipponese.

BC9 Contact Front: Japanese attacking Aussies, this is a very small action of 14 total squads and 4.5 turns.

BC10 Groff's Grief: US Marines attacking North Koreans.This is a Deluxe board slug-fest in Seoul, Korea, 1950, with 24 total squads and 5.5 turns. The NKPA troops are represented by pre-1942 Russians and get Dare-Death squads and Tank-Hunter heroes to hold off the 7-6-8 marines and Pershings. I actually got to play Tom Gillis in this one, and pulled out a win as the NKPA in a pretty fun game.

BC 11 Gunter Strikes Back: Germans attacking British. This is a Salerno, Italy action, with 18 total squads and 10 vehicles. Looks like a fun fight for the board 14 airstrip.

BC12 Itson: Japanese attacking Aussies at Bougainville. In a dramatic change from earlier scenarios, this is a bit of a monster with over 60 squads in action. The Aussies are aided by mud and wire, while the Japanese get lots of bodies to banzai with. Could be interesting just from the sheer novelty of it all.

BC13 To Mokmer Drome: Americans attacking Japanese. 16 total squads, 5.5 turns, and an American attack assisted by 105mm OBA.

BC14 Vichy Vengeance: Vichy French attacking Aussies. This is 7.5 turns, 16 total squads, and also has 12 R35 tanks matched up against some assorted British guns.

That's it for the pack. As you can see, despite the name, there's not much armor involved, but the actions still look interesting and might fit the bill nicely for when you only have a couple of hours to play. You may now return to the VOTG discussion!


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