Sunday, June 22, 2008

Texas Team Tourney Report - Houston Contingent

Walter Eardley
First of all, thanks to Rick Reinesch for putting this all together. I know it is a lot of work and is truly a labor of love. We salute you for your efforts!

I went 2-3 this year. I don’t really know how the rest of the contingent faired.

John Hyler was working on Major Johnson but was having trouble keeping up with folks who played 8 scenarios between Thursday and Saturday night. I think the worm has turned on size over quantity in the quest for the MJ.

Bill Dorre was having a blast. The great thing about Bill is he could be winning or he could be losing and you never really know because he is having so much fun. He provided some GREAT commemorative koozie to the Goodie Bag.

Doyle Motes was also cranking out the scenarios but I don’t know how he finished.

Nick Drinkwater and Zeb Doyle were locked in a heated matchup in Stand and Die when I left them about 1am on Sunday morning. While Nick thought he was behind, I think he was still in a very good position to win. I played this same scenario against Bud Garding from Kansas and had a lot of fun. It was interesting to see how Nick and Zeb played it.

Tom Gillis received numerous harassing text messages over the weekend.

Everyone else was missed as well.

I don’t know who won any of the awards since I left early this morning. I am sure Rick will post something. Thanks again Rick for putting this all together!

Zeb’s mini-tournament was a lot of fun. It featured a German Russian battle with some nice Fog of War. Very well done Zeb!

As mentioned above we had some really cool Scooby Snacks in our registration package. The koozie was very cool with the orange base matching the Squad Leader Orange VERY closely. The t-shirt was excellent this year as well. We also received a custom deck of playing cards which included some charts, OBA cards for the Allied and Axis sides and SAN number cards. Very cool stuff! The Prize Lottery featured a wide variety of items from MMP, various third party publishers, some books and gift certificates. I took home a GI Dozen which I did not previous own and a nifty book about the Code Talkers from WW II. Thanks to all the sponsors who donated.

I will do a write up of the scenarios I played a little later.

It was great seeing everyone and meeting all the new folks.


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