Monday, September 22, 2008

Nick's Post Hurricane Ike Game-a-Thon AAR

Nick Drinkwater

The battered survivors of hurricane Ike gathered together to get a fun day of gaming in on Saturday and to compare tales of woe of course. Numbers were down as several people needed to stay at home and fix things up (priorities clearly wrong there!), but a dedicated few hunkered down for some fun action.

Eric and Matt came down the night before and, after a couple of beers and some solid English cuisine in the Stags Head (or multiple beers if you're name is Gerstenberg), Nick and Eric settled down to play "Kerepesi Cemetry". As listed in the AAR, this ended in some counter clutter confusion so we called it a draw at 1.15am! Fun and chaotic all the same, and that's enough about Eric...the game was a nail-biter too!

The next day three hardy souls made it in from west and north and south Houston. Walter defeated Doyle the lumberjack as the Germans in First Cristot, Doyle not helped by his inability to rally troops by the sound of it. Eric played a fluctuating game of fortune in Frankforce against another Brit, Rupert, who is just returning to the Houston ASL scene. This one looked like a breeze for the Germans until Rupert's second 88L warmed up and left both Eric's infantry and tank force a smouldering wreck in a final turn of death and destruction.

Finally, Matt and myself played a corker of a scenario from the Buckeyes pack called "Up the Numa Numa trail" from which I squeaked a win from with some last turn maneuvering, before Matt's Aussies crushed my forlorn Japanese in "Commandos, Not Supermen" from the Tropic Thunder pack.

All in all, a fun day of gaming and my thanks to all who braved the power outages and the numerous enforced 4-way stops to make it over - especially the Austin boys for entering the disaster zone when it seemed that the rest of Houston was heading in the opposite direction!

Hopefully everyone is on the mend and on some power by now and things are returning to normal for you all!

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