Monday, November 10, 2008

Thunderbird ASL Tournament 2008 Final Results

After starting out as one of 16 participants in the "Sour Sixteen", both Wes Vaughn and Randy Shurtz faced off against each other for the Thunderbird Trophy on Sunday morning.

They played the scenario "About His Shadowy Sides" (Friendly Fire Pack #19) with Wes Vaughn winning. He received the Championship Trophy and Randy got the Runner-Up Trophy.

Two other games were played to determine winners for overall group play. In a playing of East Side Gamer's Scenario "Dying to Kill", Mike Denson defeated Ed Beekman and after the dust settled in Multiman Publishing's Scenario "Hill 27" from Operation Watchtower, Jeff Ital took down David Longstreet. Both of them received 10-0 Commissar trophies for their efforts.

A total of 26 people made the tournament a great success. They came from Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Maryland. My personal thanks to all of you for making the trip. There would be no tournament without you.

I would like to give a big thank you to the many sponsors who donated prizes. The prize table made many an old Grognard happy in the spirit of ASL camaraderie. Each of the products deserve high consideration from the ASL playing public. The complete list of sponsors with hyperlinks can be seen on our website

I want to also thank both Ken Dunn from MMP and Chas Smith from Bounding Fire Productions for attending in person. A hearty thanks also goes to John Farris of Edward Jones for providing a great deal of tournament support as well as making our
t-shirt debut a smashing success. He is also our official tournament photographer. I also very much appreciate Rick Reinesch's help in providing us with a tournament play tracking program and the technical advice that goes along with that as well as sage wisdom throughout the event. Thanks to Caitlin Cadieux for the website that makes advertising of, and pre-registering for, our tournament so much easier.

Lastly, my two co-organizers deserve special recognition. Both Mike Rose and Mike Laney chose some bang up scenarios and provided Up Front support throughout the tournament by making sure the room was open each morning, that drinks were available and that participants always had a game as soon as possible. Thanks for hanging in there during those long days.

Pictures of the event will be posted on our site soon.

Hope to see all of our new friends, as well as our old, at next years event!

Mike Cadieux

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