Sunday, January 18, 2009

Houston Gameday and AAR: AD2 Last Act in Lorraine

Tom Gillis

Wow, great game day guys. 7 bodies showed up and everyone got a scenario in. And the first arrivees got a special T shirt made by Walt's wife. Very cool! Make sure to thank her Walt!

Scenarios played:
Doyle v Steve in Fri the 13th I believe Doyle's Russians were able to stymy Steve's Germans...

John v Steve in Undarnik Bridgehead. Johns 'farm collective workers yesterday' i.e. conscripts were able to hold the bridgehead against Steve's Spanish Blue Legion trrops and hero. One of the very first scenarios I played myself. Losing as the Russians to Tyson's fascists at my first tourny.

Chris and Jonny played a ST scenario. The title eludes me but I think Chris' Russians were just able to pull it out.

I played Walt in the updated (DASL) version of Last Act in Lorraine. My Americans just couldn't quite do it. I started with 13 Shermans and had one left with a busted MA at games end. Don't let anyone fool ya, 436s with PFs are deadly. After fumbling around with his radio Walt was able to bring in some timely 80mmOBA on my devil squads that just crippled my right flank attack. It was the game turner really, even though he got only one fire mission with it, it was enough. Most of my joes never came back, eventually FTRing for the most part. I got just one WP round out of 7 AFVs with it! I did kill both his panthers w/o them killing any Shermans. But it didn't matter cause the 436s hit 5 out of 7 PF attempts. And you know when they hit its pretty slim survival chances...Walt played a great defence with low quality troops. I played the best I could but made a few dumb mistakes. Remember Tom, crews can shoot ,fausts, find ATMMs and streetfight when applicable...I'd hope to take advantage of his 436s on turn one, my 2 SSR Smoke FFE's hitting right where I wanted them, sending smoke all over the center of the mapboard. I moved up several Shermans w/o inf support right away trying to take advantage of it. They were kind of pesky to him but really just bottled themselves up in the center bds limiting their manueverbilty, eventually being picked off one by one of his STG4s and pseudo landsers..

In fact my infantry played catch up all scenario long, and it really hurt not having grunts when I needed them. I got 6 Gyros by SSR and put them all in my killers, the M476Ws, (76L.) The 9-1 Armldr I put in the M4(105.) I wanted the extra drm for shooting at inf targets, but again I mis maneurved him to having him get zapped by a STG4...He never got an active WP round out with S9..!! That was annoying. But I can't really complain as I made many Smoke mortar attempts. I even shocked one of his assualt guns with a rear MG TK shot. They went UK, and I failed to kill them twice in CC with a 126. Eventually they came back ok, but the games was over by then and I was capitulating on T10 of 10. I had three buldings controlled out of the VC required 6 and Walt, having a finak T10 player turn himself would almost for sure take at least one of them back...

As nasty as my casulties sound, (and were,) I was in this one to the end. There were some exciting mid game turns that generated some crazy things. Walters SAN of 4 being reduced to 3 but pinning a 666 on a key 2 sniper effect, me getting a heroic 8-1 on T1, and self rallying an 8-1 on a ldr creation. Walt had a 226 HS that disrupted twice and got rallyed back only to die dashing across a road hex! Walt did a great job of keeping my brokies DM'ed. And though I did take a bunch of prisoners who gave up two HIP'ed 20L AA guns, (Der schwine...) it really didn't add up to much. I still think my plan of pushing hard up both entry bds was a good decision. I just would have slowed it down a turn or so to have my infs catch up. All in all a good scenario that we both rated 8, a must play. Very cool DASL. Brings out the best DASL style I've played in a while. Bloody and cramped!

Thanks again for a successful and fun meeting.


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