Sunday, February 28, 2010

AAR: WCW7 Eye Of The Tiger

Walter Eardley

Germans: Rupert Cullum
Russians: Walter Eardley

Rupert and I squared of in the WCW classic Eye of the Tiger. Since I selected the scenario, Rupert picked the attacking SS. The big 280mm OBA was a big dud doing nothing but create a few shell holes and setting some woods on fire. None of this had any affect on the game. Rupert pushed his left flank initially and then decided to switch to a more central attack. On turn four, he was in an excellent position to break through the center with my VBM frozen 9-1 HMG/458 but a 2MC on a 348 and 658 stack left two broken 348s which died for FTR. This took the wind out of his attack and left him dashing for buildings. In the end, I was able to kill both of the ACs and both PzIVhs plus enough infantry to push him over the 30CVP restriction.

Over all, this scenario lived up to the hype. It was very close until that fateful 2MC. If these guys had survived, I would have been pushed out of the buildings in the center and he would have been well positioned to take the back three buildings.

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