Sunday, August 29, 2010

Houston August Gameday

Tom Gillis

Thanks for coming by dudes...! It was an awesome game day1

Rupert and I had a hell of a firefight in "Tanks, but no tanks" from schwerpunkt. We both rated it an 8 for ROAR. His early war poles held a tough defensive line with aplomb despite the intense pressure from my Red Army soviets...His two swedish 37L bofers atgs eventually got all 5 of my tanks...I captured his cool ATR but never had a chance to use it. I did a human wave/armoured assault on turn one led by my 9-0 commissar to capture the first VC building. But then I ran into a nest of angry poles who quickly massacred a surrendering 527. I took his men prisoners myself all game long so only he had declared no quarter. I ended up capturing about 5 squads of poles, (out of an OB of about 16 or so, which i mostly used to deploy my red army men.) His SAN of 4 was deadly!! He kia'd my 9-2 and an 8-0 on '1' sniper hits and double broke at least one of my 458 mmcs...! I also lost an 8-1 in CC. All this added up to rally probs for my soviets. His poles could declare H tH CC by SSR and they took out prob 4+ squads doing this. Ugly. I still was able to make quite a game of it despite the unrelenting polish defence, capturing two out of three VC buildings and being in the last one on the last two turns but unable to kick him out of it. well deserved win Rupert! Your men held out to the very end despite being out firepower'd on the last couple of turns...The issue was in doubt nearly the whole gamw which always makes for some extra excitement! A hell of a match! Good game Rupert! I look fwd to our nexrt one!

Jonnie and Matt also seemed to have a heck of a match going. They played some Ger/Rus scenario where Rupert and I could hear from time to time Jonnie's inability to manifest any soviet molotov cocktails apparantly...Matts Germans won it also on the last turn. Good game guys: what was the name of the scenario?

Jay and John had some apocalyptic last days battle also; between the war criminals, (the SS,) vs the avenging Red tide...They still had three turns to go when the meeting began to break up so they called it a draw. Jay and John were at a seperate table so
I wasn't able to catch many highlights of the match. Tell us the juicy bits guys...

Lastly thanks to Mark Carter showing up mid afternoon-ish to hang out AND bringing a case of beer to drink!1 Woo hoo Mark, very timely! Next match is at Colonel Matts place on sept the 25th..(Is that correct Matt?)

see you all soon and keep on rolling those ASL bones!


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