Monday, January 16, 2012

AAR: FrF49 One Last Might Hew

Doyle Motes

Russians: Doyle Motes
Germans: Matt Zajac

Tom's event on Saturday was a must see. It has been a long time between meetings for me. But, enjoyed the early moring drive and the ASL event.

I matched up with Matt Z. of north Houston. I was the Russians in FrF 49 - One Last Mighty Hew. Matt Z was the early war Germans. The objective was to hold one objectives and there adjacent hexes (there were 2 objective hexes 50x5 and FrFAI4). The Russians had a mixture of Infnatry, AFV's , AA-Truck, and Trenches. [Typical Russian 1941 units] -- The Germans has a mixed infantry, and AFV's units [PzII(Fl) x 2].

I used my trenches and the trees as my first line of defense (with my Conscrips in some of them). My Conmmissar was there back up if need. My second line was going to be my 1st line infantry (ELR of 2) with a MMG and single ATR. One 107 Art unit, one KV-1 M39 and one ZIS-42-AA on board (on board setup), Turn 1 saw a BT-7-M37 and a BT-7-M37 (4CMG) enter from the east. Also a samll force of 527's x 2, leader, 50 MTR, and LMG joining the battle on turn 1 from the North / East (mine came on form the North).

This turn 1 reinforcements were to be the last line of defense on the hill next to 50x5 and adjacent locations.

The stage is set for the battle: (quick over of game)

Turn 1: was Germans feeling out and finding first line of defense. Russian Armor takes the hill next to VC locations and reinformements move toward VC location. Russian tanks unable to go HD on hill.

Turn 2: Germans hit Russian forward defense line and discover some Trench locations. Small arms fire and one Russian Conscript Consript broke (no ELR on him) and one German Squad broke and one pinned. But, one of the two Pz II(Fl) move up to attack and rolled a 12. This was Matt's typical rolls in this game very hight when he did not need it. The dice were not his friend the entire game.

Turn 3: The Germans made headway into the second line of Russian defense. Now, my Russian Armor could see infantry and started shooting at targets of oppertunity. My dice roll were low to average. But, very low in critical situtations and again Matt's dice were very high. About 50% of his infantry were broken but still in good positions when my Sniper KILLED his 9-2 Leader. He was down to two leaders now and troop rallys became critical thus they could not be on the front lines to aid in firing most of the time.

Turn 4: Germans moving into positions but taking some heat. Russian falling back in some what good order with a ELR of 2 what do you expect - several disrupted units and Failure to routs in the Conscripts ranks. Then Matt decided to use the other Pz II (Fl) as a club on some units and again fate was against him. He rolled an 11 ending that units effectiveness in battle. He still pushed on into the teeth of the Russian Armor sitting on the hill looking down on his units. The end was near for the Geman assult. and Thus we ended it. Russian victory.

Matt this was our first time to play enjoyed the scenario. I feel the scenario is a little pro-Russian even with the German's having 2 PzII(Fl)'s. 55% Russian / 45% German's. Matt may feel a little differently on the precentages.

Thanks again Tom for hosting, Steve for the food, Rob for comming down, and for Matt the game.
Looking to see all in the future.

Doyle Motes

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Ian said...

Played this when it first came out, winning as the German's. Those FT's need to do their job otherwise it's next to impossible. Had great fun playing it