Friday, July 13, 2007

2007 Tourney Overall AAR:

Nick Drinkwater


Only my second tournament and what an outstanding weekend it was. Rick and the gang put on a momentous event that was simply awesome...I was mentally and emotionally shattered by Sunday night, so I can only imagine how Rick felt. Awesome job all around and a huge thanks to you for your efforts. Really appreciated the sponsors chipping in with so many excellent door was great that everyone who attended went away with both great memories and a cool item! I think we all wanted the simply excellent signed print from the Journal 6 cover, and I would have definitely liked to have picked up MMP's A Victory Lost, both Dezign Packs, both Melee Packs and many of the other prizes if I'd had the chance (particularly the Zombies! What's not to like?), but I was very pleased with my copy of the newly released "Stalingrad" Campaign Series book from Osprey Publishing. VERY cool, adds to my growing collection and that was a great donation from them.

It was also really cool to see so many people from so far - attendees from Oklahoma, Kansas, Dallas, San Antonio and of course our own Houston contingent, as well as all the Austies. Mr. Gillis - you are a gentleman and a complete star and fully worthy of the honour of the first Sportsmanship award...I can only hope to endeavour to be half as gracious and fun as you in all the games I play, and it is a testament to you that you are on everybody's play list! Looking forward to the next meeting old man!


And the coffee. Well, let's not mention the coffee!! Not a low fat, double shot, medium foam Colombian caramel-roast macchiato in sight? What's going on Austinites? All mouth and no trousers in your continual bluster on your superior form of coffees...! It got to the point where Gillis and myself were having to create our own chocolate sprinkles from a hot-chocolate powder pack poured onto thermos flask "La Quinta" domestic blend to try and get something even remotely potable - don't ask how we got the foam! (Blackadder joke...). Probably the best coffee I had all weekend was the bottle of Starbucks Mocha Frappacino I managed to pick up from the Shell Gas Station down the road from the hotel...a telling indictment of Austin coffee prowess if ever there was one....


And the AARs. A couple of these may be a little bit shorter than my usual outpourings as I don't have access to the original OOBs and the games are starting to mentally merge into each other, but I will try and illuminate the tactical with the comical. Hopefully, you'll enjoy them.

More to follow...



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