Saturday, July 21, 2007

AAR: J98 Lend-Lease Attack

Steven Miller

Russians: Steven Miller
Germans: Scott Hopkins

This will be my first attempt at some AAR's. Any comments or helpful criticism would be welcomed. Scott and I got in two games at his house on the game-day on the 14th. Scott, please correct any details I've left out or have in error! The first was LEND-LEASE ATTACK (J98). Scott was the Germans and it appeared that the Russians were heavily favored so he was given the balance of adding an armor leader. As it turned out the balance was not enough to off-set what I believe is a problem with the scenario. I think the German set-up restriction of being able to set-up only on board 4 is the real problem. I would recommend that the Germans be able to set-up some units on board 19. The Germans have three squads, two leaders, a panzershreck and two Tiger I's to try and stop two groups of Russians. The Russians win by getting 28 CVP either exiting and/or casualties. The Russian groups are almost
equal, two Sherman III(a)'s, a SU-85, a truck, two 4-5-8 squads and a leader in each. One group enters on board 4 and the other on board 19. On turn one I was able to advance 2/3'rds the way down board 19 unimpeded and unloaded my infantry. I got onto board 4 and engaged one of the Tigers. I put a smoke round on him so neither one of us had good shots. He withdrew to a different postion further into board 4 next to the other Tiger trying to cover the several approaches/exit routes available to me. I moved again to engage the Tigers but this time I had them flanked by the SU-85's. I was able to kill one with a flank shot. Meanwhile, my infantry is working it's way through the woods, buildings and other cover, chasing his infantry, on our way to the exit area. My Shermans are making the mad dash for the exit area since their *75 is just about worthless on the Tigers. Scott managed to get some infantry, one with the panzershreck, to positions covering the exit area. At this point luck was not with him. In an attempt to ESB the remaining Tiger to a good firing position he immobilized it. I also managed to exit three of the four shermans past the Tiger, panzerfausts and the panzershreck. One of the shermans fell to the Tiger. I was able to exit enough points, along with the destroyed Tiger, to win the game.

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