Monday, February 09, 2009

Owlcon '09 Action Shots

Nick Drinkwater

Walter (l) and Matt (r) in the foreground, Ken (l) and Eric (r) in the background.

Rick (l) and Rob (r), foreground and Brian (l) and Ken (r), background, playing dueling Pyrric Victory as a part of ANPOG at Nick's place.

Ken counting up his exit VP

Owlcon championship match between Zeb (l) and Rob (r). Zeb won the game and the championship

Walter (r) showing some new blood the finer points of ASLSK

Mark (r) and Johnny (l) in some SK action

Last game at Owlcon between Randy (r) and Walter (l)

Ken trying to figure out how to root Brian out of the village in Pyrric Victory

Johnny (l) and Walter (r) play some SK

John (f) on the attack in Pyrric Victory, while Zeb (b) sets up his defense against Nick's attack

Finding the hidden Tiger with Zeb (l) and Ken (r)

Rick (r) pondering his next move while John (l) looks on in AP47 Insult to Injury. Good meat n' taters scenario

A successfully executed attack plan in Tac53 Pyrric Victory

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