Monday, February 09, 2009

Owlcon '09 Summary AAR

Nick Drinkwater

Anyway, to echo Brian, massive thanks to Walter for organising the beast in his usual calm and collected manner - brilliant! This time the mech heads behind us seemed much less annoying and it was a more serene experience being in the main hall again this year. Great stuff!

Yeah, I was flicking pieces of brain-melt off my shoulders last night too - there may be a piece stuck in my ears right now as well! Very fazed last night and put the fan on for the first time this year....kept waking up during the night thinking it was monsoon-ing outside. Woke up in the morning befuddled and then realised it was the fan that was sounding like the rain. Then looked outside and saw that it had rained!

My brain is just not sharp enough after three days of ASL intensity to cope with complicated stuff, like, er...the weather!

I would definitely like to thank everyone for coming to ANPOG on Friday - that was a complete blast. Of the four scenarios played for Brit-Fest, it was a 2-2 draw. It would appear that those Germans who were prepared to risk everything and take their lumps for the fast blast through the British flank amid the drumlins (before the Turn 5 reinforcements arrived) had good success (Rob's Germans vs Rick and Zeb's Germans vs Walter), whilst those Germans who tried to take the town over the 8 turns hit an impassable object and ran out of steam against the stiff lipped heroes (John as German vs Doyle and Ken as German vs Brian). Sounds like there was some great early war mayhem going on as Rick's British 40L Guns had left all their good ammo on the dock at Alex and had to watch frustratingly as Rob's Germans steamed serenely past them, whilst Ken's armoured fist fell foul of the wondrous 114*mm howitzer of all things. Without necessarily going to full AARs, it would be nice if the folks who played "Pyrrhic Victory" could send us some brief summaries / anecdotes on how their games went. I want to hear more aout Doyle shooting down John's DB with the AAMG on his Marmot-Herrington AC!!

Overall, I went 4-2 for the weekend which I am really pleased about. I attacked in 3 scenarios, defended in 3, played two all infantry, 4 combined arms. No PTO played this year, but I did get to play two of the AP5 scenarios, and Of course, you are all very relieved to know that my dice are showing me the love again and I have rediscovered my passion for the game again - no skirt wearing for me this time!! As you have already seen, early Saturday afternoon, I was threatening to make it a headache for Walter by going 4-1 but Brian bitch-slapped back into my hole with a narrowly squeaked win in "Frontiers & Pioneers". I was lucky enough to play Johnny Johnson, Zeb (twice), John, Matt, Brian and Tom over the weekend

Owlcon Highlights:
Keeping rate on an essential HMG spray fire shot in "Flaming of the Guard" to shred both of Matt's Flamethrower units.
Indulging in the pre-Brit fest scenario discussion banter with Zeb and Walter.
Playing fast and loose with Mr. Gillis on the final morning - your turn to win in the next game Tom!
Brit-Fest at ANPOG! You had to be there....having all four games playing the same scenario is great fun.
Kicking back and chilling out over Beer and Dogs with Ken and Zeb at Katz's Deli.
Giving Mr. Doyle an early slap around the chops in "Into the Vienna Woods" - I'd like to think it was my superior play and awesome tactics but we both know it was being really being able to roll low on two crucial morale checks.
Seeing new faces: the new Mark and the other guys who played SK were all welcome additions to the clan and thank you Mr. Eardley for arranging that!
Finally getting to play the honorary Brit, Mr. Roundhill - great game Brian and well played!

Owlcon Lowlights:
Don't think there were any?
The attendance was a bit lower this time around which was a shame and maybe the food in the Student Union and the humping of gear across the campus but that's about it.
Didn't even play any obviously broken scenarios this year either, though watching John's hero in Valor of the Bou do extremely heroic things against my Germans caused me some anxious moments and then there's the infamous Russian reliability start up roll with Brian, but overall, it was brilliant!

Bigger AARs will follow, but in the meantime, I would like to say again huge thanks for Walter for all his sterling efforts and also to Zeb for providing me with Oatmeal Stout, Porter, Pale Ale and regular beer from the Left Hand brewing company, a superb bottle of Shiraz, and best of all, courtesy of Amy, an awesome beer tankard thanking me for hosting ANPOG and celebrating my brilliant armchair leadership capabilities when playing as the British - no jackass in the house this time around as I went 2-0 whilst playing the Brits!

I've attached some photos to this for you to see - they have all been compressed to a manageable size. I'll send out a second set to ease the download burden.

Good stuff all around!

See you all in Austin in June!


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