Sunday, July 17, 2011

AAR: Shooting Gallery (STONNE(2ND)9)

Scott Bell

French: Art Douglas
Germans: Scott Bell

Art Douglas and I played an interesting scenario this weekend, called "Shooting Gallery." It is scenario #9 from the Critical Hit pack titled "Grossdeutschland at...... Stonne 1940." (2nd edition).

The map is outstanding. It encompasses the fight for the town of Stonne, which is on a hill. The terrain is unlike anything I have seen on any other board. There is lots of barbed wire that channels the attacker. It is difficult terrain.

The battle for Stonne (historically) was bitter. The French represented themselves well, and the town of Stonne changed hands 17 times over 3 days. The Grossdeutschland Regiment lost approximately 51% of its total losses for the French Campaign in just 2 days of fighting in Stonne. Germans have referred to it as the "Verdun of 1940."

Art got the better of me in this scenario, and gave me a "schooling" on the effectiveness of the 25LL French AT gun vs. the German Panzer IV D. The potency of the gun (for this time period), combined with the relative thinness of the German armor, makes the German tanks quite vulnerable. The rate of "3" for the French gun is daunting. I continually faced TK shots of 4 or 5, and with rate like that, it was only a matter of time. Art had a very smart defensive gameplan, and executed it exceptionally well.

I was very interested to discover, when researching the battle, that our game held true to history with regards to this gun. I read some individual accounts that record this matchup (French 25LL gun vs. German Panzer IV D) exclusively. Our game seemed to mirror what occurred historically. Very interesting!

Art and I agreed that we are going to be playing additional scenarios from this pack. It was fun, and I learned a few lessons that I will be taking forward into my next engagement against the French at Stonne!

I like this pack from Critical Hit.



Chris D. said...

Thanks for the AAR. I bought Stonne last year but haven't played any of the scenarios yet. Got side tracked by learning PTO. I decided to have the Stonne map laminated this week to remove any excuses I might have for not getting around to trying the scenarios out. I'd love to read more AARs if you play some more of the scenarios. That'll help me decide which scenario to play first.

SuperEliteGames said...

I haven't tried Shooting Gallery yet.
But I love difficult terrain, so I'm definitely going to try this out.

Scrabble Online Against Computer said...

Shooting gallery looks interesting. I haven't tried it, but I plan on buying it soon, so we'll see how it goes!

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