Monday, January 18, 2010

AAR: DB074 Sole Success

Mike Cadieux

Good little scenario here. It features early war Filipino troops against Japanese in Dec, 1941. The Filipinos had 10 squads, three leaders, two MMGs, two LMGs, an ATR, mortar, some foxholes and some concealment counters. The Japs had 11 squads equivalents, two tankettes, two mortars, three LMGs, one MMG, one crew and three leaders.

It played quickly with the Japanese making their main assault up the eastern side of board 43 taking advantage of all the kunai and hoping to get close enough to capture the majority of the huts/buildings on the second board, board 17. A small "at start" force moved up the middle of board 43 to prevent the covering force on the west side board 43 from quickly moving east to reinforce.

Two turns to move up midway through the Kunai. No really good shots for the Filipinos due to all the kunai hindrances and restriction against forming FGs in like terrain.

The Japs found they had no WP and quickly depleted their Smoke capability for the force going up the middle. But one tankette kept one enemy squad with MG frozen and smoke enabled the small force to move forward. But the force in the east was also close enough to the enemy to launch a dreaded Banzai charge at the beginning of Turn 3...After the dust settled, the Japanese had eight and a half GO squad equivilants while the Allies had three and a half and the way to the buildings and huts on the eastern side of board 17 was wide open.

The Filipinos surrended at that time feeling they would not have enough strength to counterattack to get the buildings back.

It was fun to acually kick off a Banzai Charge and to see it succeed. Thanks to Greg for a good day.


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