Monday, January 18, 2010

AAR: J50 The Cactus Farm

Jay Harms

Germans: Jay Harms
British: Nick Drinkwater

First off Thanks to everyone who showed up to make the game day a blast! Doors opened at 9am and by 10 we had 5 games going! I was lucky enough to face off against Nick in ASL J50 - The Cactus farm. And I mean it when I say lucky enough as Nick is an oustanding opponent who plays a quick and very friendly game. Also, his luck is not something you really want to have, so just by playing him, it feels like you are lucky! Nick drew the attacking Brits, and I had the Germans. The scenario is set in Tunisia so this was the long awaited Africa Cup game. The Germans get to set up behind a known AT minefield and have two 40LL AT guns and a 20L AA gun to augment 8 548's led by Lt Stahler. The brits bring on 9 Churchhills, which are veritable smoke making monsters, or at lease should be with normal luck! A dozen 457s and four 447s round out the attack. Victory conditions are for the Brits to take a cactus farm buildings while also denying the germans the nearby lvl 2 hill.
Turn 1 saw the brits enter and Nick failing 7 of 8 smoke rolls. This was not a good start and because of this, I was able to flame a chruchill in one of the 3 known trailbreaks through the 3 AT minefield belt, (hey rolling snakes on the TK is nice). Lt Stahler also contributed when the Brit 9-1, a 457 and dm'ed HMG wandered into a sneaky LOS. I promptly rolled a 3 resulting in diced tommy. Another mmg shot, also wiped out a 247 HS and this really stopped the attack on the german right flank. Although we didnt know it at the time, this was one of the turning points as it forced the Brits to focus on the trailbreak through the minefield, and in effect losing a valuable turn. Turn 2 saw the Brits get some smoke and begin to move through the brush cover (there was very little cover, hence the need for smoke) and begin to threaten the Germans. Just when it looked like the Brits would get in place to threaten the cactus farm, Nick rolled a 12 on weather and gusts magically blew away his smoke cover. Lt Stahler again made his presence known, and my one remaining 40LL got big Shocks on 2 of the Churchills that were through the minefields. This really slowed the attack as it cost the brits another turn, with Nick never really recovering after that. We ended up calling it on turn 5 as there looked to be too little time for the brits get into the cactus farm. Crossing all the cactus hedges is nasty... So thanks to a few lucky rolls and Nicks timely gust roll, the Africa Cup is mine!!


Todd R said...

I've just started playing (goal of getting through all the SK scenarios this year) ASL. It's good to see I'm not the only one that can't get smoke on my rolls. My Prep Fire is also just as inneffective.

Btw, these are some great AARs. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Todd - welcome aboard! Not sure where you are but hope you're enjoying the game - ask around online to see if you need playing partners locally...there will almost certainly be someone in your area.
Smoke, residual fire, ambush cc are all my big 'hot button items', especially ambush cc! I'm actually great at rolling to hits and to kills which helps. but i am famously useless in the CC phase. Just one of those things I guess.
As stated above Jay set up a good defense and I didn't really have an effective plan b so it was a good solid win for him aided by some trashy die rolls for me.
There are lots of great AARs on this site - either scroll through the blogs for the last few years or click on Club AAR. They are all there!
Nick D