Monday, January 18, 2010

AAR: RBF14 Third Hotspot

Jay Harms

Germans: Jay Harms
Americans: Tom Gillis

Game two saw me facing off with Tom in a meaty RBF scenario "Third Hotspot -RBF17". Again I was the German defender against some corn fed Americans. This game was more balanced from a luck standpoint with Tom using his Arty very well. He came on spreadout hoping to surround my troops who are holed up in the board 10 town. Highlights included his 9-2 failing just about every 1MC and NMC I threw at him. Despite this, Tom fought his way into the town at the center, but had a bit more trouble with the two flanking attacks. My left flank held up well thanks to a 81mtr and several 548s with LMGs in foxholes, but even then, I was down to 2 squads holding the whole area. On my right flank, that was where the game really was decided. I had a 75L AT gun way in the rear of my defenses and Tom came zipping around the town to flank me. I took a shot with a 238 and psck an missed his sherman. he then brought up another sherman and a HT with a 667 in it next to the first fired 238. Little did he know, he parked this collection of soon to be wrecks with their sides and rears to my 75L. I kept rate a few time, and there was not much left. My other 81mtr then started dropping rounds on another half track out of site to the 75L, to good effect. With the Americans limited by CVP cap of 52, and my AT gun and mtr accounting for half the points all by themselves, Tom ended up calling it with a turn to go. It was late, and he had reached 48 CVPs and would have need to run the PF / AT gauntlet. Good game also, and Tom is a great opponent. So Tom did not snatch the pebble from my hand yet!

Thanks again all, look forward to the next game!

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